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Documents written in language A (source text) to be translated into language B (target text). It requires the selected linguist to have experience and/or knowledge in the field in order to make sure that the correct terminology will be used in the target language.

Documents that have been previously translated and need to be reviewed by a bilingual professional, who will make sure that the final version is accurate according to the original.

We believe in a "four-eye approach," meaning that we usually work in pairs to offer the combo service Translation + Proofreading, thus assuring that your final text will be ready for publication.

Text editing
Documents that need a final draft ready for publication. It does not necessarily involve any translation; rather, a linguist working solely on the target language may adapt the text to assure that the vocabulary is consistent, the registry is correct for the target audience, and "cultural glitches" are nowhere in sight.

Some languages have more than one variant. What we call "adaptation" means reviewing contents in order to address a specific target audience for the same target language. A brochure, for example, may have to be translated into UK English and then adapted into US English if a business has an English-speaking client base living in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

When building a multilingual software platform, the interface of a program will need to be localized as well. There are some restrictions involved in this process as far as characters and space limitations are concerned.

Will it be displayed correctly in the Spanish interface? Will menu options have too many characters and go over the assigned area, creating a "visual glitch"? Will the translated error message be too long that it won't fit the dialog box? These questions are commonly addressed by localization tasks, meaning that not only the translation will be performed appropriately, but the visual integrity of the interface will also be cared about.

Desktop publishing (DTP)
Documents that need formatting and/or graphics to allow for a more attractive publication.

This service is often offered in the combo Translation + DTP when the original material is only available in hard copy (printed, faxed, or scanned documents) in order to make the target file look as close as possible to the original.

More elaborated designs are also available for brochures, reports, booklets, internal and external communications, and many other business-related materials.

Technical Writing
If you have ideas, but just don't know how to put them to paper, we can prepare professional final drafts and advertisement material to boost your business.

Website testing
Whether you have a monolingual website that needs to be translated or a multilingual website already in place, we can test your online content to make sure nothing is missing.

If you're planning on having your website translated, we can make a copy of all your available pages and prepare a translation quote. If your website is already available in more than two languages, we can log in as a test user and visit all requested pages to make sure that the content is displayed properly in your selected target languages.